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Bubble Tea 101

Bubble tea is a mixture of iced or hot sweetened tea, milk, and often other flavorings, such as mango, peach, strawberry, etc. It is a traditional and popular drink originated in Taiwan in the mid 1980s.

Thonakhoun Phonduangs, the owner of Vientiane noodle shop, 3422 West National Ave, demonstrated us how to make bubble tea at home.  It only takes five minutes and you are able to customize the flavor as much as you want to.

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Step 1: Put one cup of sugar and ice in your blender

Step 2: Add two cups of milk

Step 3: Peel off the mango skin and chop them to small pieces. You are free to add any other fruits into your bubble tea.

Step 4: Blend all of the ingredients.

Step 5: Add some bubbles (also called “pearl”) into your plastic cup. One small bag of bubbles costs around $2 at Lao market.

Step 6: Put some cream on the top and your bubble tea is READY!

Do you want to try authentic bubble tea? Come and join us. You will learn how to make bubble tea from native Laos at Asian Fest.


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